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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

  • Had inductions for the Society of Mary last evening. Inducted 5 members.  Plans to form a formalized chapter are underway. Our first Mass together will be on March 25 for the Annuciation.
  • Had to re-send the newsletter to the printer in PDF form this morning. They didn’t have the formatting settings right on the Pub. file i sent last week and only discovered that when I went down to pick them up yesterday afternoon.  They hope to have the new printings done by noon today.
  • Working on Calendar insert for newsletter. Found out they should be here early this afternoon.
  • Both Shut-ins cancelled today. Will call Ruth B next Wednesday.  Will call Audrey W. tomorrow to check calendar.  Her Neice, June M. had bypass surgery this week. Seems to have gone well but she is waiting a call.  Prayers requested for June’s recovery.
  • Re-Worked the Leaflets this morning for Scout Sunday. We’ll have scouts and scouters leading the readings and prayers of the people.
  • Attempting to find supply priest for March 15 when I’m away in Northern Ireland.
  • Ordered candles for shrine and altar. We were down to the last two.
  • Evening Prayer and Mass – Kept Cornelius the Centurion today- First gentile (i.e. Not Jewish) convert to the faith.
  • Got the leaflets folded, labeled and sealed ready to be sent out tomorrow!