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Rector’s Report to the Vestry – December 2014

Rector’s Report to the Vestry

December 2014

Roof Project Update – The Roof is complete and working. Left to be finished is the interior work on the Kitchen. The Hood is expected to be delivered Thursday. After much consultation with Contractors and the Warren County Code enforcement officers, we decided not to install a commercial type hood in the Kitchen. Instead, a “residential” hood was purchased. It is a single hood, 60’’ wide and will cover the whole stove top. A spec sheet is included with my report. The total cost for the hood, blower, and S&H was $2808.85. I will contact Mike Dalaba for install early next week. Deb Hensler has agreed to paint the interior of the kitchen. Stephanie Sweet-LaFond has donated primer and has some paint left over from her house that we can use for the final coat, as well.

Captial Campaign – The total of the Captial Campaign will be included in tonights financial report.

Organ Fund. The organ fund has been closed. The proceeds are being deposited in the Capital Improvements Fund. The close out disbursement will be noted in the financial report tonight.

Refurbishing Account – per the Vestry Resolution last month, Glenna will close the Refurbishing account at the end of this month and transfer the funds to the Captial Improvements Fund.

Raffle – The raffle is completed and the winners have been announced. Congratulations to Sue Moffitt and Zoe Vannier on winning the grand prize!

Donation of Christmas Ornaments – Susan Farr has donated a large number of ornaments.   According to Dr. Hopper and Susan’s wishes, we are to sell them at the market price. (What we can get for them). I asked if they’d like the money split any particular way. They indicated they would like some money to go towards the knitting circle.

Sound System – The Sound system has been installed by Sound Solutions of Saratoga. I am very happy with the work done. We are still tweeking the volume levels and I am now getting used to being “broadcast” over speakers. Please let me know your thoughts.

Lights in the Church – Thanks the work of Cody Vannier and his friend Tom ( who wants to be baptized!) the lights bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs. He also cleaned the fans (which was last done on the Day of Pentecost). Some of the lights were in pretty bad shape, some even hanging by the filament. Next, we’ll replace the dimmer switches in the sacristy. The current ones aren’t designed for the low voltage use of the LEDs and so don’t dim very well.

Adult Education – We’ve met twice ( once cancelled due to the snow storm) for our CS Lewis “Mere Christianity” Study Group. We have a good group (10 last meeting while missing 2 who couldn’t make it.) There was good and lively discussion and good questions. There is one issue I would like your feedback on tonight. I am considering changing the schedule for the Sunday Adult Education sessions to meet only the 1st and 3rd Sundays (this would reduce the number of meetings per month by 1) in order to be able to attend 8 o’clock coffee hour. Thoughts?

Sunday School – After some discussion with Sherryl, our Sunday School Teacher and Ashley Sweet, I am going to change our Sunday School Schedule. It will meet once per month, on the 4th Sunday of Each month. My hope is to attract more children by allowing parents to have to commit to only one Sunday rather than not committing to Sunday school at all because of the time requirements. Your thoughts?

Women’s Bazaar – The women did well with their Quiche Luncheon and Bazaar despite the weather. The Final income was $1857.00

Driveway – Jack Sweet is in discussion with Rick Galusha, our next door neighbor about perpetual use of the driveway and parking. Dan Smith, esq., is being consulted as to the best way to make this situation legal when the property is sold (Either by writing it into the deed, or by deeding us the property. I spoke with Canon Robert Haskell, the Canon to the Ordinary, and he told me that we do not need Standing Committee approval to receive property, if this is what the arrangement will entail.)


Parish Choice Election form – we need to fill this out this evening. As per your request, I have more information about the Oak of Righteousness Mission in Troy. Info from their website is attached to my report.