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Pipe Organ

“In the autumn of 1865 a movement was made to procure a pipe organ for the church. Mr. F.O. Burhans offered to buy the cabinet organ which had been in use at is cost, $400.00, and the further sum of $375 was raised in Warrensburg, and $225 in New York by the Rev. Mr. Crary for this purpose. An organ was built and placed in the Church by Messrs. Hall & LaBaugh of New York, for the sum of $1080, and used for the first time on the Feast of Whitsunday, May 20, 1866. Mis Mary Mixter, afterward Mrs. Emerson S. Crandall, was the first organist, continuing in that capacity for several years, and her daughter has been, and is now, the faithful and efficient organist of the Church, in her turn.” (Source: Church of the Holy Cross Warrensburg, Ny 1866-1916 by Henry Griffing read at the Semi-Centenial in June 1916)

The organ was refurbished for the Centennial Celebration of the church in 1966 in memory of Edward M.P. Magee by Sidney Chase.



Hall & LaBaugh (1866)

Manual (56 keys C3 – E4)

Stopped Diapason 8’ (divided between bass and treble, break at C4)

Open Diapason 8’ (divided between bass and treble, break at C4)

Principal 4’

Fifteenth 2’

Viola d’Gamba [sic] 8’ (C4 – E4)

Flute 8’ (C4 – E4)

Mixture III

 Swell foot lever, open/shut

 Pedal (17 keys, C3 – E4)

 Sub Bass 16’

 Manual to pedal coupler