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Friday, December 19, 2014

  • Phone Call with GA
  • Prayers for Tessa as she undergoes a surgery this morning for a heart condition.
  • MP in the office.
  • The church’s computer seems to have a virus. Been trying to download an antivirus for it.
  • Work on the sermon for Sunday
  • Visit with Doris Countryman at 11:30 this morning. (Called D. and she said today’s not a good day. Will call her back on Tuesday 12/23 per her request.)
  • Waiting for the delivery of the Range Hood (Between 12 & 4 today).
  • Visit with Nikki R. for 1:30-ish.
  • Ray was brought up to intensive care for closer monitoring.  They’ve changed his pain meds.
    • Got a call that he’s been moved back to a normal room.
  • EP at 6:15 with 2 souls.  Did some tweaking/adjusting of the sound system, too.